Amazon Echo: Smarts For All Homes

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker which has a built in digital assistant. The speaker can be paired via Bluetooth as well as WiFi. Its built-in digital assistant is called Alexa and it is an artificial intelligence assistant. One can give various commands like play music, answer questions, control smart home devices etc. In recent days with many updates for the Echo smart speaker, the user experience had improved and even an Alexa had also improved a lot. The features and function of Amazon Echo are as follows:


The Amazon Echo comes in 2 different colors white and matte black. Once the user lifts out the device from the box it feels quite imposing and it perfectly matches with all the home environment. The cylindrical design language is very pleasing to the eye and provides 360-degree audio experience. The speaker grills are neatly hidden in the lower part of the device and it helps to maintain the design contrast of the speaker. At the top of the device, there is a multi-directional microphone which helps the user to initiate different commands to the Alexa. There is also a light-up circular ring at top of the speaker with user customizable multi color lights option and it makes the device look beautiful during the night time. The lights even change the color according to devices working state. The manual controls are also added for easy usage of the device. Overall Amazon Echo has a beautiful and very compact design language.

Features and Sound quality:

The Amazon Echo with digital assistant Alexa has tons of nifty and useful features which highly improves the user experience. The first setup of the device is very breeze. The user just needs to install the companion app on their smartphone and pair the Echo device and once the pairing complete, the user can easily start using the AI speaker as per their requirements. It has various features starting from ordering a pizza to switching on/off of the electrical equipment in the home. One can talk to the Alexa like talking to normal human being. The sound quality is very good with acceptable volume levels but the quality can’t match up with some of the dedicated audio speakers. Overall easy setup procedure, tons of features and good sound quality makes this device a good product.

Voice recognization and Amazon services:

The seven built-in microphone system can easily recognize the user voice even from long distance. The best part is even if the music is playing from the device, the Amazon Echo will recognize the user command and responds to it. It sends the user command to the cloud for further analysis and improves itself day by day. The user can also train his/her voice to the Alexa using the companion app for a better result. As this is an Amazon product it comes with Amazon music subscription services, Amazon Prime etc and it can even track the user’s Amazon orders.

Smart Home:

The Amazon Echo is smart home ready, hence the user can use their top smart home products with this device and can achieve a better experience. The device supports multiple brand products, unlike some product which is restricted to certain brands.

Overall Amazon Echo is one of the best product which offers both smart home system and audio speaker function. It’s built in digital assistant Alexa makes life simple and various features make this product the best buy option.