Google Play Music vs Amazon Music Unlimited

Many people love to listen to music during their spare time. Their choice of songs depends on their mood. When happy, they prefer loud songs while when they are sad, they opt for comparatively softer songs. The live music streaming services, therefore, are important as you may choose to listen to any genre of songs depending on the change of your mind.

The most popular music streaming services at present are Google Play Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. Having said that, let us compare the Google Play Music vs Amazon Music Unlimited and see which one carries the day.

Google Play Music

Of course, Google Play Music functions as other live music streaming services. But there are some features that make it stand out. First of all, the Google Play service allows users to enjoy the streaming services free of cost. But you have to listen to ads in lieu of enjoying the services without a subscription.

Secondly, Google lets you upload songs through the browser. You can do this with the help of a Chrome extension download and even directly via the desktop Chrome app. This option serves as the most significant reason behind most of the people going for Google Play Music streaming services.

Amazon Music Unlimited

When you are looking for a streaming service that offers an ad-free list of songs and that too at cheaper rates, Amazon Music Unlimited is for you. You can also download those songs for offline listening, which is common for the majority of music streaming services. The most prominent feature of this service is the Echo. The feature allows you to enjoy your songs with Alexa voice control. Thanks to this feature as you can also choose to listen to the songs accompanied by lyrics.

What makes Amazon’s music streaming the best is the range of subscription it offers. Besides the Echo plan, you also get a chance to subscribe to other services that include Prime Music, Individual plan, and Family plan.

Google Play Music vs Amazon Music Unlimited

First of all, Google Play Music allows users to enjoy Youtube videos if they are subscribed to the service. People who often tune into music videos, no streaming service can be as good as this one. On the contrary, Amazon Music Unlimited has a free“Prime Music” version where most of its users enjoy the music without ads but no video options are available.

The second point of difference may seem to be a minor one but it is significant for those who still prefer a desktop. Yes, that’s right. Google Play Music has no desktop app whereas Amazon Music Unlimited is fit for a desktop user and a mobile user both.

Thirdly, Google Play Music has a special feature to “Identify what’s playing.” There is a button by the same name, which when clicked makes the app listen to the song playing in the background and provide relevant search results based on the same. Amazon Music Unlimited, on the contrary, also offers a similar feature. The Alexa feature of the app allows you to identify a song even if you don’t know it well. You just need to type some of the lyrics and Alexa does the work for you.

The above-mentioned features and comparisons may help you to decide the type of music streaming services you should take up. If you like to enjoy albums with videos, go for Google Play Music and if you have a desire to enjoy music streaming at cheaper rates, Amazon Music Unlimited is for you.